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Who We Are

Principle Accountant

Doug Hartman is the owner and manager of Douglas R. Hartman, C.P.A which offers accounting, auditing, personal financial planning and tax services.


He resides in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, which is about 20 miles west of Honolulu on the island of Oahu.  His hometown is Hoopeston, Illinois, which is located about 150 miles directly south of Chicago. It is a small rural community of about 6,000 people.

Feeling like he was not ready for college when he graduated from High School, Doug joined the U.S. Air Force for “4 years” to qualify for the old GI Bill. He then planned on returning to Illinois to attend a university and complete his college education. However, he kept "re-enlisting" to allow more time to complete more of his college education.


At about the 14 year point in his military career, Doug got tired of "working" for a living and attended Officers' Training School and received a commission as an officer. After twenty-two years, he retired from the Air Force and settled his family into his newly adopted "home-town" of Loveland, CO. He lived in Loveland for 14 years and then moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2007.


During his years in the Air Force, he gained experience as a Payroll Technician, Payroll Supervisor, Deputy Budget Director, Budget Director, Accounting Supervisor, and Auditor. Doug also had the opportunity to live in California, Washington state, Texas, The Azores (islands in the middle of the Atlantic), Turkey (twice), and the beautiful state of Colorado on numerous occasions.

Doug moved nine times during the 22 years he was in the Air Force. This caused him to take classes from nine different institutions of higher learning. It took him eight years to complete an undergraduate degree in business (accounting).


It took Doug an additional two years to complete a graduate degree in Management. He also completed additional course work in accounting over a period of about three years and then "sat" for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam in May of 1989 and passed it on his first attempt.  At the time, less than 20 percent of all CPA exam candidates passed the exam on their first attempt.


Doug taught for the University of Maryland while stationed in the Azores during 1987 and 1988. Additionally, he has taught for Regis University in Denver since 1995. Doug teaches accounting, management, finance and economics courses at the graduate and under-graduate levels. This includes teaching in the traditional classroom and online.


Doug and Parvaneh moved to Oahu in the Summer of 2011 and have no desire to ever live any where else!

Doug owns a small C.P.A. practice.  He performs audits of small businesses and non-profit organizations.  He completes tax returns for individuals and small businesses.  He also performs accounting services for small businesses and provides personal financial planning and small business consulting work.



 Doug and Parvaneh and have five sons who live in the mainland. 
In his “spare” time, Doug enjoys watching movies with Parvaneh, playing board games (ie. Monopoly, Risk, Chess, etc.) with his sons when they are visiting the island, playing drums, working out, hiking in the mountains, snorkeling, and reading. Doug is also very active member of his Faith and serves it in many different administrative roles.

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